Along with the leaves and the stem the roots are one ofroots.gif the main organs of a plant. When the plant first begins growing it has one root, the primary root. Later on the secondary roots begin to grow. Although roots are thought to be used mainly for gathering water and keeping the plant in place, they are also used as a back up storage for the plant. The plant may use the roots to store food for later. Leaves
The main purpose of leaves is to make food for the plant. They make food using the system of photosythesis. lr001103.gifPhotosynthesis uses sunlight to create sugars that feed the plant. Water and carbon dioxide are also needed to create sugars for the plant. If their were no leaves we would be unable to breathe, because leaves are responsible for changing carbon dioxide to oxygen. Leaves are also food to many animals, they are the bottom of the food chaim and are vital to the survival of most plants and animals in some way.Stems Most all plants have stems yet some, like moss, do not. Obviously, the stem holds up the plant, but it does more.
Diagram of a woody stem
The stem supports the leaves, buds, fruit, and flowers as well as producing them. The stem transports water and food throughout the plant. Some of the foods (vegetables) we eat are actually stems. Some common foods that are stems are potatoes, asparagus, and onions. Maple sugar is made with sap taken from the stems of maple trees. Anything made from wood is a kind of stem as well.